Life is stressful enough. 1776 Divorce is divorce done simply on a budget you can live with. At 1776 Divorce, we untangle the divorce process so you can move on to the new chapter in your life.

Currently, the 1776 Divorce PACKAGES are only available in the state of Rhode Island. If you or your spouse has been a resident of Rhode Island for more than one year, you are under the jurisdiction of the state and may qualify for one of our divorce packages. To begin, fill out the QUALIFICATION FORM or give us a call at (401) 941-5098.

You will be contacted by one of our divorce specialists to explain how the divorce process works and to determine the level of service your case will require. If there are areas that still need to be addressed in your divorce or if there are complex emotional issues involved, your case may exceed the scope of the flat-fee 1776 Divorce. If so, you will be offered a consultation with one of our legal professionals (up to 30 minutes) to outline your options.

If you decide to work with us, we will review your agreement with you to make sure that you understand your legal rights and responsibilities before going forward. If there are red flags or concerns about whether the court will approve your agreement, we will brainstorm with you to achieve the best way to deal with such issues. Once you have finalized your divorce agreement, you are ready to go….the rest is simple, relax and let 1776 Divorce complete the job.

What we do. We will prepare specific documents required to file for a divorce in RI family court. You will have to come in to one of our convenient locations to sign your court documents. We will file the documents with the court electronically and the clerk of the court will assign a hearing date after a mandatory 60 day waiting period. Once the documents have been processed, we will notify you of the court date and arrange for constable service to deliver the court documents to your spouse at a time and place of his/her choosing.

On your court date, our attorney will prepare you by going over the questions that will be asked when you take the stand to testify. After the Judge has approved your agreement, we will draft and file the Decision Pending Final Judgment and the Final Judgment of Divorce. Once the Final Judgment is entered, the 1776 Divorce is complete, and you will be free start the new chapter in your life.

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