More than half of divorcing couples today attempt to represent themselves in family court. Yet the "do it yourself divorce" can go awry. 1776 Divorce offers revolutionary fixed price divorce packages, designed for couples that have reached an agreement as to how to structure their divorce settlement and simply want help to get their agreement processed through the family court.

We provide expert legal representation in a simple, streamlined process, simply done. No guess work in the cost - it's $1,776 for our Independence Package.


For couples that have already begun the divorce process, we offer a wide range of unbundled services, including:

  • Limited court appearances

  • Drafting of post-divorce documents or martial settlement agreements

  • Review of proposed martial settlement agreements

If you do not yet have an agreement with your spouse or you need help with the negotiation stage of your divorce, our staff is experienced in all family law matters. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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