Liberty DIVORCE Package PRICE - $1,076**

Liberty Divorce Package.jpeg

No children, no assets, no frills divorce.

The Liberty Package includes the following services:

  • Legal consultation up to 30 minutes

  • Preparation and filing of:

    • Complaint for divorce

    • Statement of Children

    • Civil Cover Sheet

    • Financial Statement

  • Service of Summons and Complaint on spouse

  • Filing of return of service with the court

  • Preparation for uncontested or nominal divorce hearing

  • Single court hearing

  • Drafting and filing of:

    • Decision Pending Final Judgment

    • Final Judgment of divorce

Independence DIVORCE Package PRICE - $1,776**

Independence Divorce Package.jpeg

Includes extra consultation time and settlement agreement

The Independence Package includes the Marital Settlement Agreement, your personal declaration of independence and the following:

  • Liberty Package

  • Up to two hours of legal consultation time

  • Basic Marital Settlement Agreement (10-12 pages)

Freedom DIVORCE - prices vary by service

Freedom Divorce Package.jpeg

Pick the services you need to complete your divorce

The Freedom Divorce involves limited scope representation which allows you to pick the services you need to properly complete the divorce process. Unbundled divorce services include the following:

  • Pre-divorce planning

  • Drafting the documents required to file for divorce in RI

  • Drafting Post-Divorce documents, i.e. Decision Pending Final Judgment and Final

  • Judgments

  • Drafting Wage Garnishments and Child Support Services' forms

  • Real Estate Deeds

  • Promissory Notes

  • Property/Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Limited court appearances

  • Legal consultations

  • Document review

  • Wills and Estate planning (recommended when you divorce)

**Prices for the Liberty and Freedom Packages include the filing fee of $145.32 for the Family Court and $45 for Constable Service or certified mail, as required. Currently, 1776 Divorce services are only available in the state of Rhode Island.